We hope you are staying cool during this summer season.

We here have been busy lately getting all ready for the coming fall and doing a round of summer trade shows! Currently, Alan, our greatest road warrior, has been taking our booth to both the Las Vegas Market show (July 31-August 3) and then he will make his way over to the Biloxi Gift Show (August 6-8).  Not only have we been having fun traveling across the U.S., the whole family has joined in to help! We absolutely love having our best young entrepreneur Wyatt travel along, learn the family business and (hopefully) get out of having to do his chores for a bit.

Alan and Wyatt manning the booth at the Las Vegas Market Show

Alan and Wyatt manning the booth at the Las Vegas Market Show


If you happen to be in the area during these dates, please come by and visit our booth. We love chatting with our local customers as well as meeting new friends! We love doing these tradeshows because we love interacting with people face to face, getting to know what you like and what you don’t.  Also, make sure to let Wyatt give you his best pitch…he will wow you!

Check out the websites to both of these tradeshows below and stay tuned for updates!

Stay sunny!

Look out for our latest booth!

Look out for our latest booth!




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